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Think baseball trading cards are big? Youth teams are now going crazy over baseball and softball trading pins. Collecting and trading them has become almost an obsession. If your team doesn't have trading pins, you're missing out on all the action. The Lapel Pins and Button Company is your baseball and softball trading pin expert offering the highest quality, the most attentive service, and very affordable prices. You'll be able to get just the right pin that your team will be proud to wear… and trade.

Fast, FREE Delivery of Trading Pin Orders

How fast do you need your trading pins? You'll be surprised to know that our normal delivery time is just 7 to 10 days. And in most cases... you'll receive your trading pins in 7 days or less. In a real hurry? Rush orders are available. Get yours in as little as 7 - 10 days. Shipping is always free at the Lapel Pins and Button Company. And your trading pins will be shipped via FedEx at no additional charge. Have an away game or playoff? We can have your order shipped straight to your hotel - again, at no additional charge.

We'll Design Your Trading Pins FREE

You'll save a good deal of money with the Lapel Pins and Button Company. In addition to our already low prices and free FedEx shipping, you won't be hit with outrageous design and artwork fees. Our team of professional designers will use your ideas or logo to create the perfect trading pins for your team. Just contact us to get started right away. The very same day (usually within just one hour), you'll receive delivery of your full-color proof via email. Make any changes or revisions you'd like, return it to us and we'll update your trading pin design immediately (again, at no additional charge).

Trading Pins 101

If you've never ordered trading pins before, we encourage you to consider the following. These elements greatly affect your bottom-line cost. Our professional staff can help you choose a design that will "wow" the team without deflating your budget. Simply contact us with any questions you may have.
  • Quantity - The quantity of your order dramatically increases or decreases the overall price of your trading pins. Because setup and manufacturing costs can be distributed over larger orders, the more trading pins you order at one time, the less expensive each pin will be.
  • Type & Size - Baseball trading pins come in all different shapes, types and sizes. Because each one requires different materials or a different manufacturing process, the prices will vary. For example, danglers and spinners are very popular with most teams, but also carry a higher price.
  • Colors - As a general rule, adding color also adds cost. But not at the Lapel Pins and Button Company. We gladly include up to 7 colors on your baseball trading pins absolutely FREE-of-charge.
The Most Affordable Trading Pin Prices

You'll be amazed (and pleased) at how low our trading pin prices are. And with free shipping, free artwork & design, and free colors, you'll be able to get the perfect trading pin for your team.

100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000
3/4" $2.67 $2.08 $1.50 $1.26 $1.19 $1.13 $1.01 $0.85 $0.74
1" $2.71 $2.15 $1.60 $1.31 $1.23 $1.16 $1.04 $0.88 $0.77
1.25" $2.77 $2.30 $1.70 $1.37 $1.28 $1.20 $1.09 $0.93 $0.82
1.50" $2.94 $2.47 $2.00 $1.47 $1.38 $1.30 $1.16 $1.00 $0.91
1.75" $3.11 $2.58 $2.19 $1.73 $1.64 $1.51 $1.38 $1.25 $1.16
2.00" $3.32 $2.88 $2.33 $1.94 $1.84 $1.68 $1.54 $1.47 $1.36
* FREE Mold & Shipping on Every Order

  100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000
3/4" $2.50 $1.94 $1.41 $1.08 $1.05 $0.93 $0.86 $0.75 $0.65
1" $2.53 $2.02 $1.49 $1.10 $1.07 $0.95 $0.88 $0.78 $0.68
1.25" $2.59 $2.15 $1.60 $1.12 $1.06 $0.97 $0.90 $0.82 $0.73
1.50" $2.75 $2.31 $1.87 $1.15 $1.09 $0.99 $0.92 $0.88 $0.81
1.75" $3.13 $2.61 $2.12 $1.46 $1.39 $1.32 $1.26 $1.18 $1.04
2" $3.28 $2.76 $2.27 $1.80 $1.63 $1.56 $1.49 $1.32 $1.18
* FREE Mold & Shipping on Every Order

Prices include:

8mm post, clutch attachment and up to (7) colors. Pins are individually poly bagged. Additional colors: add $0.05 per lapel pin.

Trading Pin Upgrades

Blinking LED's
Upgrades Pricing
$0.45/ea$0.45/ea$0.45/ea$0.15 per color$0.45/ea$0.65/ea$0.65/ea

Place Your Trading Pin Order Today

Ready to get started? Just contact one of our baseball trading pin designers via email, fax or phone. Give us your ideas and/or a copy of your logo and we'll have a proof to you in record time. Once you give your approval, we'll manufacture and deliver your trading pins in 14 days or less via FREE UPS or FedEx shipping.

If you'd like, we'll gladly provide you with the contact information of countless sports teams we've produced trading pins for. Call or email us today with your request.

Get your team into the swing of things with trading pins today. They're quick, affordable, and a lot of fun! Contact the Lapel Pins & Button Company now and you'll receive your top quality, professionally designed trading pins in 14 days or less!

FREE - Artwork and Design
FREE - Set Up
FREE - Shipping
Free - Mold Fee
7-10 Delivery Time

Prices include: - 8mm post, clutch attachment and up to (7) colors. Pins are individually poly bagged. Additional colors: add $0.05 per lapel pin.